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Letter: Katie and Alex fight for campus’ underrepresented

Katie and Alex are two of the best-suited students on this campus to hold leadership positions for the student body. They have already demonstrated their commitment to the well-being of students through their tireless work on issues that directly affect students every day.

To name just a few of the vital issues that Katie and Alex have been working on, they have fought for affordability through their work to secure state funding for higher education as well as promoting more affordable renovation of the Erb Memorial Union and the Student Recreation Center by establishing a mode of communication for students to express their opinions to the administration.

Katie has made a point of reaching out to the multicultural student unions that are often overlooked by the ASUO. When the University administration restructured the Office of Multicultural Academic Success, the only resource for students of color, without transparency or allowing the input of students, students organized as the UO Truth Coalition in response to ensure their voices are heard. Katie has been and continues to be a strong ally in this struggle. @@http://pages.uoregon.edu/omas/@@

Alex is a strong advocate for the underrepresented queer community on this campus. He has also been on the forefront of the Survivor Empowerment Alliance, the struggle of students to reinstate anonymous reporting forms for survivors of sexual assault after the University administration created a new dehumanizing policy requiring all employees at the University to report the name of any survivor who confided in them, with or without their consent.

Katie and Alex have already more than proven their dedication to fighting for the rights of students all across the board. With them in leadership, all students may be sure that their voices will be heard and fought for.

Rina Sundahl
University student

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