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Letter: Lighting and patrolling not the solution for Pioneer Cemetery

Regarding Jonathan Bowers’ article: “Making the graveyard safer a no-brainer,” I see more lighting and patrolling of the Pioneer Cemetery as a secularist, brutal attack on the sanctity of an ecclesiastically established burial landmark.

The idea is spiritually devoid of respectfulness and invasive to those who do respect the sacred grounds of the Cemetery as it is — which was here long before the University was founded.

Perhaps a fence around it would be a more realistic vision of crime prevention, and a more effective obstacle for criminals? To me, it would make much more sense than such a blatant irreverence for the religious and supernatural.

Nonetheless, what will I read in the editorials about the graveyard next? That all its spooky trees should be chopped down? Or, that all the graves should be dug up (because its residents are dead anyway) to make room for on-campus student housing? Most of the time, the world doesn’t revolve around the narcissistic, sorry to say.

It is not an atheist’s jurisdiction, nor is it the jurisdiction of University students to make alterations to the graveyard itself, no matter what. And as for any opinionated female choosing to walk through the graveyard at night, (in a tight mini-skirt or not) the same words go out to her too.

Lara Daskivich
Eugene resident

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