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Letter: Republicans are ‘like the American Arabs’

Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in a movie? I felt it last month when the GOP election results in Iowa were reversed 16 days later, and the GOP election chief @@http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2011/apr/16/mackay-election-chief-out/@@was ultimately fired. I felt it this month when the GOP election chief in Maine refused to explain why he refused to release the full results before March 10 and where Romney most likely lost again, this time to Ron Paul. I felt it today when the GOP election chief in Indiana could be reinstated to run the upcoming GOP race after committing fraud in the last election. That’s American democracy? For Republicans — not for me!

I’m not a Democrat. I’m a liberal. I’m like progressive Europe, the real left. I like single-payer universal healthcare, green energy, union rights, unedited movies, no death penalty, no abortion controversy (because people respected each others’ beliefs). I believe in the separation of church and state and welcome patriotic ideas. You can point at Europe’s current economic crisis to make a point. @@isn’t this disproving your [email protected]@Truth is, America is the only country that can print as much money as it wants, yet we blame China for breaking currency rules. America is stuck in an outdated political spectrum. Democrats fit on the center of G20’s spectrum, not the left. Republicans are like the American Arabs. And I’m not talking about Muslims living in America, who are majority Democrats.

I’m from Tunisia, the country that started the Arab Spring over a year ago, leading to revolutions in Tunisia, then Egypt, then Libya. In Egypt, Islamists seem to be controlling the social issues now, and peace with Israel could come to an end. Recently, Tunisia democratically elected an Islamic government who is already attacking women’s rights, jailing journalists and rewriting the constitution. Their supporters are insulting gays, Jews, and teachers. That’s a revolution? That’s Arab democracy after a dictatorship. In America, it’s considered radical fundamentalism.

The GOP is also attacking American women’s rights, changing curricula, insulting gay Americans, Muslim-Americans, African-Americans and other minorities and trying to destroy the separation of church and state, such as the governor of Virginia, whom many believe will be Romney’s VP choice. Yep, today Republicans are like the American Arabs, feeding hate to their hate-mongering, ever-fearful, less-educated conservative base. That’s why the GOP will be gone! @@[email protected]@The question is: this decade or this century or last decade with Bush and Palin?

By the way, in today’s American democracy, the candidate who raises more money wins elections 94 percent of the time! @@[email protected]@Does that bother you when you vote? I bet $10,000 Romney will win GOP nomination, and I hope Obama’s SuperPAC raises more money than Romney’s and his fortune. Can’t wait for the season finale!@@[email protected]@

Mohamed Jemmali
Former University faculty

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