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What you get for a two-bedroom apartment

As the alarm clock strikes 7:45 a.m., University senior Rachelle Cochran is just waking up for her 8 a.m. class. For most students, the realization that class starts in 15 minutes and you’re still in your pajamas would result in panic and, let’s be honest, a lot of cursing. Not Cochran, though. With her apartment just two blocks from campus, she knows she’ll be in class in no time — and for only $395 a month.

Finding an apartment near campus can be difficult, and as most college students know too well, finding an apartment that satisfies your budget and your expectations is even harder.
Fortunately for students there are a wide variety of nearby apartments in a broad range of prices.

Below is a profile of three apartment buildings near campus in three rent ranges: low-, mid- and high-rent. Looking over each can help you figure out which might be best for you next year.

Low Price Range: $400 and below per room per month

For students concerned with the high cost of rent, the complex Cochran lives in at 15th Alley and Alder Street, managed by Bell Realty, is a good solution. It comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a year-long lease. Just one block from campus, this location is almost impossible to beat for the low price tag.

It is fully stocked with the usual amenities, although the laundry room is communal. Of the dryers, Cochran, says, “you might as well run around wearing your wet clothes for an hour or two.”

Parking spots are available for $30 a month, and tenants pay for all utilities except garbage. So get ready to do some business with Comcast.

“I guess the only downside is the view. It’s in an alley, so it’s not really glamorous-looking or anything,” Cochran said.

The complex on 15th Alley may be older and less to look at, but Cochran only pays $395 a month.

“It’s so nice being right next to campus, and with the low price, I get to do a lot more things with my money,” she said.

Mid Price Range: $400 to 550 per room per month

A lot of students find that a mid-price range is more their style. University junior Deisy Guzman lived in Capri Apartment’s Campus Court Apartments at 15th and Alder last year and paid $440 for her room.

Capri has several apartment complexes around campus, some with two-bedrooms, some with three and others with four. Guzman lived in a four-bedroom, two-bath apartment with a year-long lease.

Also two blocks from the University, Campus Court Apartments is a prime example of getting more bang for your buck. Although the outside may not match its higher priced competitors, the inside of these fully furnished apartments have been updated to include amenities such as a 32-inch flat screen television and granite countertops.

The compromise? Guzman says, “The only thing that sucked was that we basically didn’t have a living room. It’s just a very narrow space.”

Tenants don’t have to pay any utilities, like internet or cable; everything is included in the one check paid to Capri.

“Not paying utilities was super convenient,” Guzman said.

High Price Range: $550 and above per room per month

The price may be steep, but junior psychology major Kelsey Brown says,  “It’s the best living experience I have had thus far at the University.”

Brown pays $725 for her room at Sonja Apartments between 18th and 19th Avenue on Alder Street. Her apartment is a two-bedroom, one-bath with a year-long lease.

The walk to campus is only three blocks, and should you need to park your car, every apartment has one space. Internet bills are also included in the rent.

All of the usual amenities are included in this apartment, but with the higher price tag also comes landscaped courtyards, granite countertops, an exercise room, security cameras, keyless entry, washer and dryer, study areas, built-in desks and peace of mind.

“The price is way worth it,” Browns says. “We’ve never had any problems with people trying to break in, and how many college students can say that?”

When it comes to finding an apartment that is the best fit for you, Capri Apartment Manager Hellen Macht says the sooner you begin your search the better. “I would advise any student to look as soon as possible,” Macht says.

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