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Letter: The ASUO creates a space for diversity, but leaves many students voiceless

I completely agree with Sen. Lindy Mabuya’s comment last week about the ASUO creating a space for diversity, but not giving a voice for many students of color to express their concern. To many, the progressive attitude of some of the student government body demonstrates the way in which students want to move forward, want to change the way in which many things are run. However, I believe that until the student body really realizes how they utilize their power as student representatives, their so-called progressive attitudes would not get them far. I believe that Mabuya raised a good point by asking the ASUO to create comprehensive cultural competency training. I believe that at some point, I asked the same thing, but we are both waiting for it.

Last week, the agenda was opened for this type of discussion to occur. One of the responses was to question if Senate was a good place to discuss it; maybe it would be best to move it to the Ethics and Efficiency Committee meeting. By putting this issue in the private sphere, we are marginalizing the issue. We are covering up the issue and making a non-issue. We can talk about how everyone in the body is completely inclusive, that we respect everyone’s opinions, that there is no such issue as inequality of power. I can tell you there is. Look around you; how many student presidents have been people of color? (No, we are not counting vice presidents).

The ASUO should be an inclusive space where people should all be allowed a voice. Sit in on a Wednesday meeting, look at some of the comments, and then we can stop pretending that we have equal share of power.

Vania Loredo
ASUO senator

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