Photos: (sub)Urban Projections brings art to the rooftops of Eugene

A collaboration between the City of Eugene and the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and Allied Arts, (sub)Urban Projections brings art out into the public domain. At the first of three weekly shows, artists and attendees lit up the Hult Center walls from the top of its neighboring parking garage on Wednesday, November 9th, showing short films, interactive music creation, and interactive drawing pieces. The featured artist, Jon Bellona, used his expertise as an audio engineer to create a program which records movements from the Xbox Kinect, translates them into 2D coordinates, and creates rhythm and pitch. Three of the projectors were connected with Apple iPads, allowing users to graffiti on the large, blank, concrete walls. The exhibit moves to the alley at 5th Ave and Willamette Street on Wednesday, November 16, and its final show will be November 23 in the Oak St alley between Broadway and 10th Ave.

Nora Fenn-Gilman runs across the roof of the parking structure, glowstick in hand, at the (sub)Urban Projections exhibit on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at the Hult Center. Five different projectors were set up displaying interactive drawings, movements and short films submitted to the project. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

The (sub)Urban Projections art exhibition took over the Hult Center Wednesday, November 9, 2011. In this projection, users were able to interact with iPads to create drawings which would be displayed onto the walls of the performance center. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Exhibition attendees watch a series of short films submitted for the (sub)Urban Projections project on the Hult Center's parking garage on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Eugene resident, Horst Lueck enjoys a short film at the (sub)Urban Projections exhibit on top of the Hult Center's Parking lot Wednesday, November 9, 2011. Lueck was particularly fond of the project for bringing art to the alleys. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

The night's featured artist, Jon Bellona — a University adjunct professor and audio engineer — tinkers on his computer while exhibit attendees become the performers. His piece, using an Xbox 360 Kinect, maps out a users position, altering the pitch and rhythm of music. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

University Professor, John Fenn and his daughter, Anika Fenn-Gilman use their movements to produce pitch and rhythm changes through featured artist Jon Bellona's piece. Their positions are mapped upon the wall of the Hult Center, recreating movement and allowing the user to view their participation in real-time. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Nora Fenn-Gilman of Eugene dances with her family and friends at the (sub)Urban Projections exhibition on the Hult Center's parking garage Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The users movements are tracked using the Xbox Kinect, producing both music and a visual map on the walls of the Hult Center. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Brittney Maruska, a University graduate student in Arts and Administration, waits for exhibition attendees at (sub)Urban Projections booth on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The exhibit featured an interactive music creation piece, a series of short films, and three stations where users could use iPads to draw on the walls of the Hult Center. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

University senior Sophie Kruip enjoys the (sub)Urban Projections project on top the Hult Center's parking garage on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. Kruip is fascinated with the "remaining spaces" of the city and was pleased to see that someone was using these large walls for a performance. (Jeff Matarrese/Oregon Daily Emerald)

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