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Letter: Student outcry against EMU postponement is misleading

As a student who spends multiple hours each day in the EMU, I understand the importance of this renovation project. I also certainly want the chance to vote in a referendum on whether I approve of the fee increases involved.

I understand that I will get this chance because of ASUO President Ben Eckstein. In the wake of the postponement, it seems that a few students have forgotten that the University administration attempted last spring to move forward on this project with no student consent, and it was Eckstein’s actions that ensured students would have the final say. It is because of his leadership that we will be deciding on this project.

Yes, I am excited about the referendum and don’t want to have to wait to vote. But the project details have not been hashed out yet — due to a lack of cooperation from Student Affairs, not the ASUO. I am not willing to vote on a project without knowing the details, especially on a matter in which every single student on campus is a stakeholder.

This postponement is not Eckstein silencing student voices. It is just another instance in which he is fighting to protect them.

Megan [email protected]@http://directory.uoregon.edu/telecom/directory.jsp?p=findpeople%2Ffind_results&m=student&d=person&b=name&s=Megan+Comer@@

University sophomore

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