By the numbers: Oregon football

More than most teams, Oregon is defined by numbers. Be it points per game (insanely high) or time of possession (insanely low), there is always something worthy of an eyebrow raise on the statistics page. We’ve gathered just a few that caught our eyes as the Colorado game approaches:

25.3 @@changed from 25.4 – figured out by hand@@— Average margin of victory for Oregon in its six games so far this year

44.0@@goducks@@ — Net yards per punt by Oregon this year, top in the [email protected]@

120.5 — Difference in rushing yards per game between Oregon (315.0)@@goducks@@ and the Pac-12’s second leading rushing team (UCLA — 194.5 yards per [email protected]@

1 @@— Oregon’s conference rank in pass defense efficiency (112.9)@@

10 @@— Oregon’s conference rank in rushing defense (173.0 yards per [email protected]@

8 @@goducks@@— Total touchdowns scored by freshman De’Anthony [email protected]@goducks@@ this season, just behind LaMichael [email protected]@goducks@@ for the team [email protected]@James has 10@@

10:36 — Average difference in time of possession each game between Oregon (24:42) and its opponents (35:18)

4 @@goducks@@— Fumbles lost by Oregon so far this season

68.2 @@goducks@@— Average amount of penalty yards amassed by Oregon per game

54 @@goducks@@— Red zone touchdown scoring percentage for Oregon’s opponents


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