University dorms to house more students than ever with new rooming option

Some freshmen are having a new dorm experience this year — the kind with two roommates instead of one. The University now offers a triple-dorm option for incoming freshmen, a change from offering just doubles and singles in the past.

The residence complexes of Carson Hall, the Living-Learning Center and Walton Complex all offer a Standard Triple [email protected]@sounds like porn@@ to residents. Deluxe Triples are offered in Barnhart Hall and Hamilton Complex.

“Our plan for using triples is that we’ve seen it used very effectively in a lot of other institutions out [email protected]@And that makes it okay?@@,” housing marketing manager Kelly McIver @@ “It’s a very common practice these days for triples to be used to be able to offer a little more capacity in residence halls.”

On-campus housing accommodates 3,324 students this [email protected]@I question this number. The following website says 3,800:, approximately 85 percent of the freshman [email protected]@Had difficulty finding this percentage@@. This is a record number of students in on-campus [email protected]@According to whom?@@. The addition of triples has allowed 129 more freshman on-campus housing this year.

“Personally, I don’t mind living in a triple because the rooms are bigger,” said Kate [email protected]@, a freshman living in a Barnhart triple. “But I think it’s hard because they’re trying to cram a lot of people into one hall. My hall is all triples, and I think there’s a lot more conflict now because there are so many people.”

The University values the experience that freshmen get from the dorms and wants to provide that experience for as many freshmen as possible. “It really gives them more opportunities for friend- and relationship-making right out of the gate,” McIver [email protected]@What? Sounds like an excuse to cover wanting more students and their money without having to admit it.@@. “They’ve found it to be really important for first year students to get a good start on their academic year by living on campus, living in the halls, being able to benefit from the academic programs that we have here.”

Rohrich is skeptical of the housing department claiming the addition of triples is for social [email protected]@Bam! That what I like to hear!@@.

“They’re not doing it because it creates more social opportunities; it does create that but I don’t think that was their aim,” Rohrich said. “Saying that’s why they created triples is misleading.”@@Smart girl.@@.

Rohrich said she also notices the triples’ impact on the eating areas.

“It’s a lot more crowded in the meal halls, too, because there are so many people, so at times there’s not enough room to sit downstairs,” Rohrich said.

Despite her mixed feelings about the addition of triples, Rohrich is grateful for the additions because she does not want freshmen to get turned [email protected]@:*(****@@. Many of her friends received room assignments at the last minute and were excited for the opportunity to live on campus.

The University is currently building new dorms south of the Bean Complex to help with the school’s growing population and hopes to continue to provide first-year housing to as many students as possible.

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