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The Emerald explores fall fashion trends student budgets can handle

With the changing leaves of fall come both the new academic year and new fashion trends. With magazines and websites telling us what’s hot and what’s not, it can be hard to decide what to wear at all. And with a student budget and some daring new trends, the Emerald takes a look at some of the top trends for this fall.

1. Bright colors

This trend focuses on going bright and bold. When wearing bright colors, recommends committing to one color. A way to start would be with emeralds and turquoises or even a yellow. This trend has been seen on pants, shirts — even on blazers. Careful when wearing too many bright colors, as the effect can be intense, if not blinding.

2. Polka dots

This design has been on nearly everything imaginable in the fashion world. From shoes to pants to leggings, polka dots keep circling around. “Glamour” magazine recommends starting out small with this trend if it makes you nervous. For instance, try pairing a polka dot scarf with your everyday outfit. This can keep you warm and fashionable, even if you only have ten minutes to get to class.

Junior University student Tyne Riddick @@CQ’[email protected]@offered some advice when experimenting with polka dots. “The closer they are, they can make you look bigger (in size),” she said. For this, she said to go with polka dot patterns that ensure there’s space between the dots.

3. Varsity jackets

A trend where the name says it all, varsity jackets have been seen both on the runway and in department stores, no athleticism required. “InStyle” magazine said this jacket is “less tough than a biker jacket and less coy than a boyfriend sweater.”

However, this trend has some students scratching their heads. “I don’t understand why. You’re not an athlete, so why?” Riddick said.

4. Lace accents

Both feminine and sexy, lace can be found on several articles of clothing this fall, but in a way that’s polished, according to “Glamour.” Whether it’s lace leggings or a touch of lace on the back of a tank-top, lace can be fun to play with.

University sophomore Ali [email protected]@[email protected]@ is particularly excited for this trend. “I like lace accents because they’re elegant, but you don’t over do it,” Cooper said. “They add a touch of femininity and glamour.”

5. The 1960s

Perhaps it’s shows like “Mad Men” and “Pan Am,” but the 1960s are back in fashion in a big way. This decade saw a lot of attention in make-up trends; however, this year it’s back with sheath dresses and capes, as shown in photos from

“I like the geometric shapes with the dresses,” freshman Angela Hensley [email protected]@CQ’[email protected]@ However, she is hesitant to try the trend herself, and added “I like looking at people dressed like that, but it’s not really my style.”

Aside from these trends, other ideas and concepts have littered several runway shows. Hensley was interested in some of the color choices this fall. “There’s a lot of solids, but in colors that weren’t fashionable, like mustard yellow,” she said.

Given that college students are on a budget, several thrift stores can offer ways to try these trends without breaking the bank.

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