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10 ways to make the best out of a small dorm room

You may only be living in your dorm room for nine months, but you can make them better by personalizing and maximizing your space. Here are some cheap and easy tips for arranging and decorating your room.

1. Create extra storage space. University sophomore Gabrielle [email protected]@[email protected]@ lived in the Hamilton Complex last year and said she bought storage shelves to put directly over her bed. Adding extra shelves is a cheap way to increase space for storing books, movies and toiletries.

2. Buy hooks. Cheap, plastic stick-on hooks are available at such stores as Target and Fred Meyer. They can be functional for hanging towels and clothes, as well as decorative for hanging beads or artwork. Jessica Haggard, a 2010-11 Walton resident,@@[email protected]@ used the hooks for bags and sweatshirts to free up space in the closets.

3. Bunk or loft your beds. Sanders also recommended bed risers. She said they were a plus because they created a lot of space under the bed” With this extra space, you can buy plastic drawers for storing clothes, or push your mini fridge underneath. If possible, bunk your beds to create room for more drawers, a television, or even a small couch.

4. Save floor space. Former Walton Resident Assistant Keith Evans @@[email protected]@suggested, “If you have a fridge, try to put it in your closet.” Bulky items like tennis rackets, golf clubs or winter boots work best in the closet as well. Also, buy closet-hanging or door-hanging shoe racks instead of floor racks.

5. Only buy the essentials. Evans advised that residents should “Think hard about TVs” because there’s not much space. These days you can watch many shows online, so a TV in a cramped room may not be the best purchase. Also, try to coordinate big purchases with your roommate so you both don’t accidentally buy a minifridge.

6. Section off your space. If your bed has tall risers on the corners, consider adding a curtain or a tapestry to partition off your space from your roommate.

7. Decorations don’t have to be pricey. Use inexpensive wall decorations like photographs of friends and family, posters, postcards, and pennants from your favorite sports team. Maps and flags are a great way to show off where you came from and where you’ve been. Also, The Duck Store has cheap vintage posters that will add a distinctive touch to any room.

8. Fill the walls. Cork boards and dry-erase boards are an easy way to hang pictures, old concert and movie tickets and other mementos. Many stores carry putty or “dorm tape,” which will hold up your posters without damaging walls or doors.

9. Get Ducked out! Because you do go to the University, the best way to show your spirit is to decorate your room with Duck gear. The Duck Store has tons of Oregon posters, beads and stickers that will turn your room into the ultimate Oregon oasis.

10. Get outside as much as possible. You’ll never notice how small your dorm room is if you aren’t in it.

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