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A guide to finding food for freshmen on campus

From early-morning coffee to brunch sandwiches, from dinner specials to midnight munchies, residents can enjoy the various foods the University dining halls have to offer. And if a quiet study area, a meal on the go or a late-night hangout is preferred, the venues also offer these settings.

Visit Barnhart Hall, the Living-Learning Center, Carson Hall or Hamilton Complex to find a selection of eateries.

Barnhart Hall

For Barnhart residents living five blocks from campus, there is no need to venture far if the craving for food is strong, as Barnhart Dining was completely remodeled and now includes the new Puddles Cafe.

The all-you-can-eat, buffet-styled dining offers a mixture of entrees, dishes and a la carte items. The daily specials include Greek and Korean as well as Southern barbecue themes. For vegetarians, there is also a different veggie special. @@How often is this veggie [email protected]@

The most unique feature at Barnhart [email protected]@the building or the dining [email protected]@ is the build-your-own waffle for brunch on the weekends. It is a popular choice, according to Marketing Manager Kelly McIver.

If students want something for the road, then Puddles Cafe is the place to go. It offers espressos, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, fruit and more.

Features:  @@ Maybe put these Features in a break-out box for the print [email protected]@

• Sandwich and salad bars

• Themed specials and dinners

Living-Learning Center

The Dux Bistro offers a cafe-styled setting in LLC. The made-to-order salads and sandwiches are the most popular items on the menu according to Sue Martinez, a food service coordinator for University [email protected]@Is she the only food service coordinator? (use of “a”)@@. Long lines from the counter to the dining area are common for students who are ready to enjoy a freshly made meal.

“It’s very convenient,” University student Asha Stephen said. “It’s tasty. I’ll pick up something if I am in a hurry or wait to have it made.”

The bistro also opens at 7 a.m. for breakfast items like quiche, French toast, waffles and bagels.


• House coffee

• Sandwich and smoothie bars

• Outside seating area

• Texting to pick up order

Carson Hall

Carson Dining’s buffet-style setting offers a considerable amount of choices for brunch, lunch, dinner and late at night. So if students can’t decide what to eat, this is the place fill up.

The dining hall offers everything from cereal to desserts, healthy entrees and side dishes to sandwiches, pizza and fresh fruit.

And when lunch and dinner are over, students can drop by for late-night, a la carte items from 8-11 p.m.


• Ample space

• Theme specials and dinners for occasions such as Cinco de Mayo

Hamilton Complex

Hamilton Complex contains a handful of venues: Big Mouth Burrito, Fire ‘N Spice Grill, Common Grounds Cafe and Grab ‘N Go Marketplace. The assortment of eateries opens the doors to any number of menus to choose from.

“I like that there are a lot of different locations in one place,” University student Liz Asta said.

At Big Mouth Burrito, students have the chance to build their own burrito. They can choose from a selection of ingredients, natural local meats and organic rice and beans. Or they can choose the ever-changing daily special. @@By “ever-changing daily special”, does it never repeat itself, even at the start of  a new week? I would just put “daily special”[email protected]@

Everything is made to order at Fire ‘N Spice Grill. With countless combinations, students can choose any starches @@What do you mean by “starches”[email protected]@, veggies, meats and sauces and watch their food prepared on the grill up close. The venue also offers breakfast such as waffles and burritos.

At Common Grounds Cafe, students are fond of its late-night accessibility, according to Chuck Kurth, an employee at the cafe. The quiet, low-key intimate setting offers yogurt parfait, espressos, smoothies, soups, chips and salsa and hot sandwiches and dip. The cafe is open until 2 a.m.

The Grab ‘N Go Marketplace has a little bit of everything with many sections: a little grocery store, a hot food line, salad and sandwich bars — even a gluten-free section. It offers pre-packaged food, organic fruits and veggies, wraps, hashbrowns, pancakes and more.


• Local, organic, natural food

• Late-night hours

• Grocery store

Residents are not restricted to their living locations; they can go to any of the venues. And nonresidents can do the same as well. Each venue accepts students with meal plans, cash, campus cash and off-campus meal plans.

For more information on the dining halls, visit

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