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10 signs that your house might be a party house

Our college careers simply wouldn’t be complete without a good house party here and there. Whether it’s the Kappa Kappa Gamma liveout on East 19th Avenue and Hilyard Street, or the “Patty House,” students know there are a handful of houses that supply the University community with the most memorable venues, fattest parties and even some Eugene Police funding via an amazingly high MIP-per-capita ratio. Living in one of these houses is an endless party/noise complaint: Here are 10 signs that your house just might be one of them.

  1. One of your roommates is involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life
  2. Your house has a name
  3. Your front porch is bigger than your living room
  4. You have a beer bong tied to your flag pole, and a custom beer pong table
  5. You’d wake up buzzed if you slept on your beer-stained carpet
  6. You spend more on noise complaints than you do on food
  7. The constant echo of House music
  8. Dough Co. is a legitimate food group in your household
  9. Your iPod has been stolen about 80 times
  10. The cops know your house by the name you call it

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Tyree Harris

Tyree Harris