Lane Transit District starts renovation of University of Oregon bus stop

With loud sounds from excavators tearing into concrete, and woodchippers grinding through removed branches echoing across campus, Lane Transit District’s renovation of the University transit facility is officially underway.

Located on Kincaid Street, north of East 13th Avenue along the west side of campus, the project hopes to improve traffic flow and transit service for passengers. Started June 15 with a completion date of Sept. 17, LTD’s remodeling of the University station will also preserve on-street parking, add pedestrian crosswalks at key intersections and build more bicycle racks for the campus community.

“Because this area is very congested, it’s not sufficient for our operations, and it hasn’t been as nice for our customers,” said Lisa VanWinkle, projects communications coordinator at [email protected]@

The station was originally built in 1985, and saw further expansion in 1995. It has served University students and community members for more than 25 years. Because the station is one of the busiest in Eugene, VanWinkle said the improvements will help with the overall operation of bus transportation. The project will add six new shelters for better coverage in rainy conditions and increase the amount of lighting around the area. LTD also plans to reconfigure the street curb and reconstruct the sidewalk to allow buses to move in and out independently.

“It’s more efficient,” VanWinkle said. “We can load and go more quickly and not be delayed by traffic that’s ahead of us.”

There are currently two temporary transit stations available for the summer bus service. The following bus routes — Route 28, Eugene Station; Route 76, Warren; Route 81, LCC/Harris; Route 98, Cottage Grove — will depart from the east side of Kincaid between 13th and 14th avenues.  LTD bus driver Dee Edwards says the construction has caused minor detours for inbound and outbound buses, but stops are still being made on time.

“I think it’s going to be great,” Edwards said. “It will be more comfortable for people waiting for the bus; hopefully, we’ll have more business.”

Linda White, staff member at the University’s Community Service Center, says she frequently uses the University station two times a day for work. The construction and temporary stations have caused her to rethink her daily routine, but they haven’t been a problem for her bus [email protected]@

“I don’t have any family waiting for me; I am very flexible so it doesn’t bother me,” White said. “I’m glad LTD keeps updating.”

VanWinkle says the renovation of the University Station is the only major project planned for the summer. But LTD is taking special attention for its improvements, accommodating the removal of trees by replanting them with the same species. The solid pieces of wood will be donated to Facility Services at the University. Also, the appraised value of these trees will be put toward the city of Eugene Urban Forestry Program, which funds planting new trees in spaces available.

“The net result you will have is benefit for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.” VanWinkle said. “It will be better for LTD’s operations.”

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Eric Diep