Sinjin Carey speculates about his job’s future after comments

ASUO Programs Administrator Sinjin Carey’s remarks on an Emerald opinion piece regarding President Amelie Rousseau’s executive tenure have led him to concern for his continuing ASUO status.

Sinjin Carey. (Ivar Vong/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Sinjin Carey. (Ivar Vong/Oregon Daily Emerald)

The Emerald column critiqued the previous day’s guest commentary written by Rousseau critical of University restructuring. @@Carey:[email protected]@ @@Programs Administrator:[email protected]@

“Exactly my point. I work on her staff and this is spot on,” Carey’s comment read on the Emerald website.

The comment was on the portion of the Emerald’s comment section that also sends a link of the story commented to the user’s Facebook page. Former ASUO Political Director Robert D’Andrea, who serves sometimes serves in an informal advisory role to the ASUO, responded to this, recommending Carey resign from his position.

“Hey Sinjin: says, ‘It is essential … that applicants are dedicated to the ideals and mission of the President, the administration and to pursuing a career in public service.’ The Green Tape Notebook ought to say the same thing, and your resignation should be turned in promptly,” D’Andrea posted on the Emerald’s website.

ASUO Campus Outreach Coordinator Brian Allen said he was “offended” by D’Andrea’s comments, going so far as to say he thought it was “harassment.” @@[email protected]@

Shortly after the comments were made, Carey told the Emerald he thought he was likely going to be fired for his comments on the column. However, as of press time, neither Carey nor members of the ASUO Executive had confirmed any discussions.

ASUO Chief of Staff Ben Eckstein confirmed that he had not had any conversations with either Rousseau or Vice President Maneesh Arora about the situation. @@Eckstein:[email protected]@ @@[email protected]@

“(There have) not been any discussions about professionalism,” Eckstein said. “Robert D’Andrea is not in the chain … that was only his personal opinion.”

Rousseau said she hadn’t read the comments personally but also said that no discussion had been held about Carey’s position, with or without him.

As a manager-staff member conversation, specific details are confidential, but at this point, those conversations haven’t happened.

After the ASUO elections, Carey suggested a reluctance to stay on the ASUO staff based on conditions resulting from remarks made during the election. Carey, who lost the presidential race to Eckstein, said the way he felt in the ASUO office made it difficult to remain in his position but said before this situation that he’d stay on because conditions were added to increase the livability of the position.

“I have decided to stay on ASUO staff for the last month because this is one of the most important times of the year for programs. I have worked out some special circumstances, so I feel more comfortable with the work environment,” Carey said in an April 28 email.

When asked if there was precedence for firing staff members who criticized the ASUO administration, Carey referenced last year’s Multicultural Advocate Diego Hernandez, fired by former President Emma Kallaway for a letter he posted to Facebook, critical of the ASUO as a whole.[email protected]@

“Lastly, I am not going to quit just because (ASUO Vice President) Getachew (Kassa) and others think I should. If you want me gone then you’re going to have to fire me,” Hernandez’ letter [email protected]@[email protected]@

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