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Letter: Future campus event security would benefit from DPS being a police force

With Mallard Madness being recent history, we are now having a conversation in the Cultural Forum, the ASUO and other campus entities regarding the future of the event and how it can be conducted in following years.

As a result of security issues leading to the premature ending of Friday’s show, it has become increasingly evident that campus is unequipped to handle such large-scale events. On Saturday night, some Department of Public Safety officers were forced to ignore a multitude of offenses because they felt they had limited authority and resources. This is why we support Senate Bill 405. @@http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2011/SB405/@@

We often hear from a minority of students that they “don’t want guns on campus” or that they “don’t want a police force.” These individuals have to realize that we already have guns on campus and that we already have a police force: the Eugene Police Department. Unfortunately, EPD has many other obligations around the Eugene community, making the University a lesser priority. EPD was noticeably absent from the weekend’s events.

The creation of a campus police force responsible to students would open up the floodgates for more funding, better training and most importantly, more opportunities for campus events.

With an increasing desire to have more high-profile events, we cannot continue without a responsive police force that has the interests of students in mind.

If you don’t believe us, please talk to a resident assistant, a Safe Ride van driver or read one of the recent emails regarding sexual assault on campus. You will see that our resources are stretched thin and the University is continually vulnerable to campus crime.

We encourage you to fact check and make your own decision on this issue. Once you do, we are confident that you will support the administration and join us for a lobby day in Salem in support of the passage of SB 405.

Brian Allen
ASUO Outreach Coordinator

Mariah Kohles
ASUO Events Coordinator

Sinjin Carey
ASUO Programs Administrator

Janet Brooks
ASUO Finance Senator

Lex Chase
KWVA Events Coordinator

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