EPD reminds students to lock up over break

Students should not leave anything valuable behind over spring break, according to EPD.

Sgt. Lisa Barrong urges students who are planning on leaving their vehicles in Eugene over the break to empty them of all valuables.

“Even if you leave something that you think is worthless, that doesn’t mean a criminal thinks it’s worthless,” Barrong said.

She recommends students purchase locking steering wheel devices to keep their vehicles secure. EPD also registers bicycles to keep bicycle theft down.

Students should also make sure doors and locks are secure, said Kelly Dickson, community service officer.

“If you don’t feel like your apartment or home is as safe as you’d like it to be, you can go to your rental property management company and tell them your concerns and see if they can help you out with some extra deadbolts and some extra protection,” Dickson said.

Barrong added that EPD also works with property managers and gives them suggestions regarding renter security.

If students who are traveling during break have friends staying behind in Eugene, they could ask them to watch their home for them, said Debbie Janecek, program manager of the crime prevention unit.

“Our volunteer senior patrol team also does a vacation check, where we’ll come by and periodically check on things for you,” Janecek said.

Students can request this service from EPD.

If students are leaving valuables such as laptops behind, they should keep them hidden in a lock box and not in plain view, crime prevention specialist Steven Chambers said.

EPD will be tabling at different intersections throughout the city for the next nine days, reminding students to secure their belongings and be smart before enjoying spring break.

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