Weekend wrap-up

15 Loud Noise incidents
23 Theft incidents
13 Disorderly Subject incidents
5 Assault incidents
3 Burglary incidents

Incident: Loud noise
Location: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 812 E. 14th Ave.
Time: Saturday, July 18, 2:09 a.m.
Description: A caller said the fraternity was playing Elton John records so loudly they were audible a block away, but declined to press charges.

Incident: Disorderly subjects
Location: Beltline off-ramp and Barger Drive
Time: Saturday, July 18, 12:10 p.m.
Description: A couple stood on the median begging and pressed the crosswalk buttons to delay traffic so they could receive more donations, the caller reported.

Incident: Illegal fireworks
Location: Taft Street and Marshall Avenue
Time: Saturday, July 18, 12:40 p.m.
Description: A caller said a party with pink balloons was setting off fireworks, including M-80 bombs.

Incident: Harassment
Location: 3990 W. 1st Ave.
Time: Saturday, July 18, 2:29 p.m.
Description: The caller claimed to have received threats from a man riding a John Deere tractor down W. 1st Avenue. The caller claimed the man was involved in a stabbing.

Incident: Disorderly subject
Location: Royal Ave. and Highway 99
Time: Saturday, July 18, 10:33 p.m.
Description: A caller said a man was yelling and throwing beer cans.

Incident: Fight
Location: Willamette St. and Broadway
Time: Sunday, July 19, 2:42 a.m.
Description: A taxi driver reported a fight involving 10 people that ended with people lying on the ground, one of them an unconscious woman.

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