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Dear Professor

Aaron Marineau

Over the course of our University careers, we become acclimated to our educational surroundings. As students, we just want to achieve what we came here for. Time goes on and we get used to the idiosyncrasies of those around us, including our professors. In the interest of the betterment of our institution, here is a list of the top five things professors should know, but don’t.

1) Not posting lecture notes online says more about your lecture than it does your students. If you can’t post your notes online out of fear that no one will come to class, perhaps the problem isn’t your students, it’s your lecture.

2) Students should be allowed to use their laptops, especially in classes where the professor uses one to conduct lectures.

3) Students don’t like it when you assign texts and don’t use them. Course packets that will never be used aren’t worth the time or expense. At upwards of $60, they could even be called cruel.

4) Students don’t like it if you don’t use Blackboard. We’re paying for it and we want, and expect, you to use it.

5) We are much more likely to do all of the readings if there isn’t an overwhelming amount of them. The more you assign, the more likely students will fall behind or not do them.

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