Aaron Shakra Blog #04

Four weeks into this project is a pretty good place to say stuff
it. First, I think I’ve realized that our own staff is the largest
group of
readers (well maybe my mom, and a friend who I gave the link to). So
they are seemingly the target audience now. But that’s fine. Or wait,
maybe the paper’s run ads for these entries. If that’s the case,
maybe there are a couple other readers. The challenge is, if you’re
reading this, and not affiliated with the Emerald… tell me something.
It could be something as simple as “I’m reading them” or maybe what you
think about them.

A lot of my writings here have been called poetical. I have no
problem with that description. However, I’m just recording my
experience, and that’s just how it’s coming out. The other big “P” is
philosophy. A word that, if I recall correctly, I not have mentioned in
any of these entries yet. I say the name is a misnomer. Basically, a
lot of the things (a lot, but not all) philosophy “talks about” should
just invisibly integrate into our everyday conversation without having
to be identified as philosophy. Otherwise, what the bleeping-f are we
doing? Talking about “Joe Millionaire” all the time? Or talking about
many classes we’re taking? The guy in the film “Waking Life” said that
this is the most exciting time to be alive, so no matter what, don’t be
bored. But virtue of living, I’m inclined to agree with him.

Now with that said, what struck me this week at the paper as I was
searching through the archives for story information was… how fast
this experience is moving. It’s sort of the nature of the news,
though… you have to go fast. But here we are, just one more news
staff, one more year. There will be some holdovers next year of course,
but it’ll never be the same. Not for me anyway. Right now, this year is
in its prime. The cave paintings in this case are the quotes being
scrawled onto the quote wall, inchmaster week whatever awards,
clandestine budget meetings and stories stacking up and backing up. And
we’re all a unit. I mean, the people I know, anyway, and the people who
know me. Maybe because I call it a unit it will become even more

I would like to run my own correction, since the Emerald can’t
write corrections for these kind of writing mistakes. My story about
Ethan Daniel Davidson’s music used the words “If you haven’t guessed
yet…” in the beginning of two different paragraphs. If you haven’t
guessed yet, I could have used some more variety there.

Now to conclude with a haiku… it’s probably off the 5-7-5
syllable rhythm though. Oh well. I’m writing this too late to count.

Loud voices outside
The stove’s pot creaks with heat
Eventually heard louder

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