Attorney Asks For Jury Trial

Annette Buchanan goes back to court Monday.

Annette Buchanan. (Emerald Archive Photo)

Annette Buchanan. (Emerald Archive Photo)

The Emerald’s managing editor will appear in Circuit Court at 10 a.m. to defend herself against contempt of court charges.

One June 15, she refused, in spite of a court order directing her to tell, to reveal to the Lane County Grand Jury the names of five students she interviewed for a story on marijuana. The story appeared in the May 24 Emerald

She will be asked to give her reasons for violating the court order.

Her attorney, Arthur Johnson, Wednesday asked the judge who will try the case, Edward Leavy, to allow Miss Buchanan a jury trial. Contempt of court cases are generally heard only by a judge.

There is a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on contempt trials for reluctant witnesses before Congressional committee but it is uncertain whether the decision will affect this case. Leavy is expected to rule on that today or Friday.

Since Miss Buchanan last appeared in court, June 15, Eugene city police have arrested four men alleged to have possession of the drugs.

The arrests:

• On June 16 police arrested two Portland men who were alleged to have $1,000 worth of marijuana in their possession. The two are Benjamin F. Dorris II, 29, and Eric N. Brostoff, 20. They both gave Portland addresses although they have lived in Eugene-Springfield.

Brostoff said he was a student at the University and has also attended Reed College. He has been a cook in a portland restaurant the past several months, he said.

The two men were arrested on a street corner in downtown Eugene.

• Arthur Alden Leeper, 20, of 1410 High St., was arrested at 3 p.m. last Friday on the Student Union Terrace. Police also seized a marijuana “brick,” which they said was worth $500 or more.

Leeper was accused of having both marijuana and “opium” in his possession Thursday. Lane County District Attorney Williame Frye said the “opium” charge referred to heroin.

Leeper is not a University student.

• Rik Bogen, a former University student, of 2350 Columbia St., was arrested Monday at a shopping center. He is accused of attempting to obtain pills of numorphane, a morphine derivative by use of allegedly forged prescriptions.

Police quoted Bogen as saying he had been using narcotics since he was 15 years old. He said he learned a great deal about drugs in a chemistry class at the University.

Of the four, Leeper pleaded innocent Monday, and Brostoff and Dorris asked for more time before entering a plea.

A fifth man, Marvin Brost, also appeared in court MOnday and pleaded innocent. Brost, who lists Seattle as his home, was arrested on May 20 in Vida. He is accused of having marijuana and LSD in his possession.

Neither Miss Buchanan or District Attorney Frye, who is attempting to get the contempt charge against her, would comment on whether the arrests were related to her case.

Miss Buchanan faces a maximum of $300 and six months in jail for contempt. Both she and Johnson have said they may appeal the case if they get an unfavorable verdict in the Lane County courts.

Other recent developments in the case, which has attracted nationwide attention:

• Frye denied Friday that he will run for District Attorney in November. There had been a persistent rumor that he might run as aw write-in or an independent. His term expires at the end of this year. He abandoned the post in an unsuccessful try for the Democratic nomination for Congress.

Frye told the Eugene Register-guard, “Apparently there are many persons anxious to have me stay in office and I’m flattered by this turn of events. I have no plans to get on the ballot. The chances are remote that I would even consider doing so.”

• A trust fund has been established to assist Miss Buchanan. Contributions to help defray her legal expenses should be sent to the Annette Buchanan Defense Fund, in care of her attorney, Arthur C. Johnson, 641 Pearl. St., Eugene. Miss Buchanan said, “money is needed. A major portion of the costs have been put up by an anonymous donor.”

• Miss Buchanan is currently answering about 230 letters she has received about the case. She said they are running about 50-1 in her favor.

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