Dr. Peter Alilunas will speak at Allen Hall on Friday, May 6 about his new book 'Smutty Little Movies: The Creation and Regulation of Adult Video.' The book follows the history of the multi-billion dollar porn industry from 1976 to 1986.
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Event preview: ‘Smutty Little Movies: The Creation and Regulation of Adult Video’

Imagine pulling up the list of the highest-grossing box office films of the week, or even the year, and seeing a title like Deep Throat in the top 20. Imagine that the first ever VHS tape your parents owned (and that was ever created) was of an adult film. This …

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Gaming Week in Review: Nintendo NX coming 2017, ESL and Team YP split

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo NX will launch with a new Legend of Zelda game in March of 2017. Nintendo has been very secretive about its upcoming gaming platform, currently codenamed the Nintendo NX. But they’ve recently given their fans a treat by announcing some crucial information about the new …

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Video: Day Trip! – Newport

On this trip, we’re headed to the coastal town of Newport. Cruise the ocean and see our grey whales, climb a lighthouse, and see what lives in our tidepools.

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Weekend Calendar: Oregon football returns with spring game

Here’s what’s happening in Eugene this weekend: Oregon spring football game: 11 a.m., Saturday, April 30 at Autzen Stadium. Bring non-perishable or canned foods for admission. This Saturday, students have a chance to preview the upcoming football season’s lineup with the spring game at 11 a.m. Anyone can show up …

'Bechdel Test Burlesque' will be coming to the UO on Friday, April 29. (Jarred Graham)
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‘Bechdel Test Burlesque’ brings together nerd culture, feminism and dance

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said that the online campaign known as Gamergate was collectively behind some reports of harassment against women in video game culture. The instances are from a select few people, not necessarily the ethos of the movement as a whole. JoJo Stilletto’s first …

Adventurous country artist Sturgill Simpson returns with 'A Sailor's Guide To The Earth.' The album serves as a letter to his first son.

Review: Sturgill Simpson welcomes first son with ‘A Sailor’s Guide To The Earth’

In 2014, Sturgill Simpson blended drug-induced psychedelic country with traditional outlaw tales in Metamodern Sounds In Country Music. The cosmos-inspired country sound proved to be one of the strongest and most interesting albums of the year. On A Sailor’s Guide To The Earth, the Kentucky native has continued to diversify …

Hanna Emerson's tabby cat, Henry, has a rare moment of calm. Henry is usually extremely high-energy, especially after he eats catnip. (Carleigh Oeth/Emerald)

Pets in college: Paws-itive or cat-astrophe?

We’ve all had some sort of pet growing up whether it was the zany cat that followed you home from the bus stop or the puppy that you talked your parents into getting for your 10th birthday. As a youngster, your pet probably seemed more like a living stuffed animal that …

Game of Thrones' season six premiered last night.
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Double Takes: ‘Game of Thrones’ returns with a tremble

In this installment of Double Takes, Emerald writers Casey Miller and Chris Berg review the season six premiere of Game of Thrones. Chris’s take The clock is slowly creeping towards midnight in Game of Thrones. With less than 30 episodes left until the saga of Westeros is concluded, there’s little time …

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' returns with a complicated future for the minds behind the technology company Pied Piper.
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Double Takes: Season 3 of ‘Silicon Valley’ returns with no shortage of laughs or conflict

As the conclusion of Silicon Valley’s second season, it seemed as if Pied Piper, the data compression company created by Richard Hendricks (played by Thomas Middleditch), may finally have overcome its legal troubles against the tech giant Hooli. But of course, Hendricks was far from safe as he and the …

Miles Ahead is playing this week at the Broadway Metro (43 W Broadway).
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Review: ‘Miles Ahead’ is no biopic – but so what?

It’s a point of fact that a lot of the new Miles Davis movie is fiction. Miles Ahead isn’t a biopic. Most of its action centers around two days Davis (Don Cheadle) spends with made-up journalist David Braden (Ewan McGregor), who’s looking to write the famed artist’s “comeback story.” From …

Prince performing live with 3rdEyeGirl.

Getting into Prince: 5 albums to start with

No musician in the pop pantheon has made it harder to find their work than Prince, which is frustrating if his death last Thursday at age 57 piqued your interest in his discography. The Purple One’s music isn’t available on Spotify or YouTube — he’s on Tidal, of course — …

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Free Screening Alert – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

As a University of Oregon student, you are the apple of the advertising world’s eye. You are the elusive “social influencer,” who can turn the tide of a box office receipt with the power of your tweets. This results in every marketer under the sun catering their product to your …

Dont Starve Together
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Review: Don’t Starve Together makes dying in the wilderness fun

Wake up in the wilderness, wander around stuffing anything remotely useful in your pockets, subsist on berries for a week, then get eaten by wolves. Welcome to the world of Don’t Starve. Dying horribly in the wilderness has never been so much fun, and now you can do it with …

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Podcast: The folky camp of Lumineers’ album Cleopatra and remembering Prince

Emerald writers Emerson Malone, Craig Wright, Daniel Bromfield and guest contributor Alec Topkis review The Lumineers’ latest album Cleopatra and reflect on the life and career of legendary music icon Prince.

Meechy Darko shakes his dreadlocks against the flourescent background during "Thug Waffle," one of the Flatbush Zombies' oldest songs that helped put them in the limelight. (Andrew Metzler/Emerald)

Review: Flatbush Zombies astound at WOW Hall

The bass coming from the Flatbush Zombies concert at WOW Hall could be heard down the street. The line to get inside stretched around the block and local petitioners sparked conversations with the people in line about their voting involvement. It seemed fitting for the event due to the Flatbush …


Video: Earth Week Art Expo

A part of Earth Week celebrations on campus, the Outdoor Program and Envision Journalism host an Art Expo at the OP Barn.

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Gaming Week in Review: Steam to accept Bitcoin, Xbox 360s are no more

Steam may soon accept Bitcoin as payment for games and other services According to reports from various Steam developers and the unaffiliated data analysis website Steam Database, game developers Valve – the game developers behind games like Half-Life, Portal, Counter Strike and Team Fortress – will soon accept Bitcoin as …

This is the Emerald Podcast Network.
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Podcast: Spoiler culture

Emerald writers Christopher Berg and Mathew Brock tackle the issue of spoiler culture in cinema and video games.  

(Creative Commons).

Local Foods Fair expected to feature ‘Eugene vibe’ this Saturday

This Saturday, nine local food vendors from the Eugene area will provide samples to the public from 1-4 p.m. outside Sundance Natural Foods, a local grocery store in south Eugene. The Local Foods Fair is hosted by Toby’s Family Foods, Sundance Natural Foods and Genesis Organic Juice. The event will …

Pancho + The Factory rehearses together (screen short).

Video: Pancho + The Factory

  The Emerald sat down with Pancho + The Factory to talk about being divas and what it’s like being part of the Eugene music scene.

“Stage Kiss” by Sarah Ruhl is performed by University Theatre on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Ore. starting April 22, 2016. (Samuel Marshall/Emerald)

‘Stage Kiss’ pushes the boundaries of technical theater

One scene of the latest University Theatre play has over 25 technical cues in a matter of 120 seconds.

Courtney Barnett at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland on Wednesday, April 20 (Hannah Steinkopf-Frank/Emerald).

Review: Courtney Barnett takes a break from Coachella, stops in Portland

Taking a break between weekends at Coachella, Courtney Barnett brought her capricious and vital Aussie rock to Portland. Barnett is a great equalizer. It’s no short list of people who are drawn to her music and bounce on the trampoline-like floors of Portland’s Crystal Ballroom. This included middle-aged dads wearing …

A tremendous voice cast and jaw-dropping visuals elevate The Jungle Book to new heights.
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Triple Takes: Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ is a brilliant remake of a classic

In this installment of Triple Takes, three Emerald writers share their thoughts on the new film The Jungle Book. Chris Berg Jon Favreau took one hell of a leap of faith by committing to remake The Jungle Book as a live-action/CG film. With one single human actor in the entire film …

An array of the different products Echo Electuary sells, including honey sticks and honey ginger chews, all infused with THC, CBD or both. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald).

Early sales for recreational edibles loom as pot industry matures

In January, the Emerald spoke with Eugene-based entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry whose businesses were soon to undergo dramatic changes during the Oregon State Senate session in February. Here, we revisit these businesses, as they are pressed to meet new production standards from the Oregon Health Authority and edibles are …

Flatbush Zombies (courtesy of WOW Hall).

Preview: Flatbush Zombies to play WOW Hall on April 22

Striking a balance between strong lyricism and a captivating music is not easily accomplished in contemporary hip-hop. Many rappers opt for one or the other, which often means sacrificing money and fame in order to portray complex and thought-provoking lyrics, or sacrificing quality lyricism for a soundtrack that will appeal …

Album artwork for Frankie Cosmos' "Next Thing"

Review: Frankie Cosmos tackles the uncertainty of growing up in her newest album “Next Thing”

From first listen to Next Thing, it’s clear that 22-year-old New York musician Greta Kline – or Frankie Cosmos – writes straight from the heart. Known for her adherence to DIY culture, releasing more than 40 bedroom-recorded demos and EPs through her Bandcamp since 2011, Frankie Cosmos easily retains the …


Video: APASU Fire Noodle Challenge

Watch people eat uncomfortably spicy noodles at the inaugural Asian and Pacific American Student Union Ramen Eating Contest.

Anthology Recordings’ Träd, Gräs och Stenar box set was released on April 8.

Review: Träd, Gräs och Stenar’s live reissues are a great intro to Swedish psych-rock

The late 60s were a time of wondrous and rapid evolution in pop music with major and underground acts alike risking their commercial viability in the name of art-minded experimentation. But perhaps no one went further out than the Swedes. The “progg” scene that flourished in Sweden’s hippie-era communes and …


A guide to culinary classes in Eugene

Although the University of Oregon doesn’t offer culinary classes, there are several individuals and stores that offer cooking classes around Eugene. Here’s a guide to what types of classes are offered, where to find them and price ranges for each course. All of the courses listed provide students with the …