A Performer shouts to Maori War Chant. The University of Oregon  Hawai'i club presents 41st annual Lu'au: Ke Kani Aloha, "The Music of Love" at McArthur Court in Eugene, Oregon on May 14th, 2016. (Natsumi Seki/ Emerald)
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Photos: UO Hawai’i Club presents the 41st annual Lu’au

The University of Oregon  Hawai’i club presents 41st annual Lu’au: Ke Kani Aloha, “The Music of Love” at McArthur Court in Eugene, Oregon on May 14th, 2016. The UO Hawai’i club featured 14 unique dances; each dance representing the unique cultures of Hawai’i. Live music was presented by Bill Keale and dinner …

Dripped Clothing (Miguel Pobre/Emerald)
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Meet the UO student entrepreneurs behind Dripped clothing and AP Designs

The University of Oregon is filled with creatively motivated students. But with all the stress and craziness that college often brings, nobody can possibly have the time to start up their own business, right? Uriah Dubey, a junior at the UO is one of the small handful of student entrepreneurs …

Hanna Emerson's tabby cat, Henry, has a rare moment of calm. Henry is usually extremely high-energy, especially after he eats catnip. (Carleigh Oeth/Emerald)
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Pets in college: Paws-itive or cat-astrophe?

We’ve all had some sort of pet growing up whether it was the zany cat that followed you home from the bus stop or the puppy that you talked your parents into getting for your 10th birthday. As a youngster, your pet probably seemed more like a living stuffed animal that …