Newly elected ASUO President Quinn Haaga hopes to collaborate with the current executive to further progress. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)
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ASUO Podcast: A chat with Quinn Haaga

ASUO reporter Tran Nguyen sits down with newly inducted ASUO President Quinn Haaga to talk about her background, her experience with ASUO and what she has in plan for the ASUO’s future.

McKenzie River
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Video: Day Trip! – Waters of the McKenzie

Get in touch with the waters of the McKenzie River. See waterfalls, the bottom of an exceptionally clear lake, and some of the river’s inhabitants. While relatively pristine, this river (like many places in Oregon) is threatened from development along sensitive habitat, being trashed by visitors, and from infrastructure projects …

This is your Gaming Week In Review.
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Podcast: Gaming Week in Review – Console leaks and PAC 12 recognizing eSports

In this week’s Gaming Week in Review Podcast, Christopher Berg and Mathew Brock discuss recent leaks concerning Microsoft’s plans for the new Xbox One model. They also share their thoughts on the possibility of PAC 12 including eSports in the future.


Video: Portland Fashion Challenge

Can you get a whole new wardrobe in Portland for under $100? We find out!

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Ducks Taste Test Beyonce’s Lemonade

In Beyoncé’s video accompaniment to her album Lemonade, she outlines various emotions through song and through prose. She implies that her grandmother’s lemonade is a source of healing, emphasizing the metaphor that although someone may receive lemons, they can make sweet lemonade with them. We made the lemonade recipe Beyonce recited …

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Video: Day Trip! – Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park has been declared one of the seven wonders of Oregon. But beauty comes at a price, overcrowding and damage from visitors mar this volcanic monolith. In this video, see two of the main trails and learn how you can minimize your impact as a visitor in …

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Podcast: Gaming Week in Review – Disney Infinity and Pokemon

In this week’s Gaming Week In Review, Christopher Berg and Matthew Brock cover the untimely ends for Disney Infinity and Project Spark. Before long, they break down the new generation of YouTube celebrities, and the many complexities of Pokemon starters.

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Video: Day Trip! – Lava Lands

See some of the most recent lava flows in the state, take a walk around a crater rim, and go underground into a lava tube – all just south of Bend, Oregon. See too, how settlement of the west impacted the fire ecology of ponderosa forests.


Podcast: Potty politics

Emerald political columnists Zach Moss and Alec Cowan discuss recent events regarding transgender rights, including North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill, as well as the University of Oregon’s LGBT friendliness ranking.

A Performer shouts to Maori War Chant. The University of Oregon  Hawai'i club presents 41st annual Lu'au: Ke Kani Aloha, "The Music of Love" at McArthur Court in Eugene, Oregon on May 14th, 2016. (Natsumi Seki/ Emerald)
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Photos: UO Hawai’i Club presents the 41st annual Lu’au

The University of Oregon  Hawai’i club presents 41st annual Lu’au: Ke Kani Aloha, “The Music of Love” at McArthur Court in Eugene, Oregon on May 14th, 2016. The UO Hawai’i club featured 14 unique dances; each dance representing the unique cultures of Hawai’i. Live music was presented by Bill Keale and dinner …

This is the Emerald Podcast Network.
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Podcast: Gaming Week in Review – The Future of Shooters

In the first podcast edition of the Gaming Week in Review, Daily Emerald A&C writers Matthew Brock and Chris Berg come together to discuss the beta of Blizzard’s new first-person shooter, Overwatch. They also touch on two other upcoming gun fiestas, from opposite ends of history – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare …

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks to the audience at the rally. Donald Trump holds a rally at the Lane Events Convention Center in Eugene, Oregon on May 6, 2016. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

Podcast: Trump’s Eugene visit

Emerald political columnists Zach Moss and Alec Cowan share their thoughts on Donald J. Drumpf’s recent rally in Eugene.

Dripped Clothing (Miguel Pobre/Emerald)
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Meet the UO student entrepreneurs behind Dripped clothing and AP Designs

The University of Oregon is filled with creatively motivated students. But with all the stress and craziness that college often brings, nobody can possibly have the time to start up their own business, right? Uriah Dubey, a junior at the UO is one of the small handful of student entrepreneurs …