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Video: Road trip to Triangle Lake rock slides

The nearest man-made outdoor waterpark to Eugene, Oregon is a whole state away. Luckily, a few million years ago, Mother Nature made a hundred-foot-long rock slide at Triangle Lake. Its three turns and one hour away on a beautiful tree lined drive for a perfect day trip adventure.

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Video: Day Trip! – Willamette Forests

Head to the rugged foothills of the Cascades. The national forests surrounding the upper reaches of the Willamette River feature hot springs, waterfalls, and lakeside alpine meadows.

This is your Gaming Week In Review.
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Podcast: Gaming Week in Review – Electronic Entertainment Expo preview

Chris and Matthew stall from their Dead Week responsibilities to gaze into the future. Peek at their previews for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Get to know and explore what's within a two hour radius from Eugene. (Connor Henzel/Emerald Media)
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Here’s every Oregon outdoor activity within 2 hours you should cross off your bucket list

Anyone who spends time in Oregon is gifted with immense geographic diversity unseen in many parts of the country. Within a two-hour drive of Eugene, you can stroll along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, taste the locally grown Pinot Noir that rivals the vintages of France, row across a …

Newly elected ASUO President Quinn Haaga hopes to collaborate with the current executive to further progress. (Cole Elsasser/Emerald)
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ASUO Podcast: A chat with Quinn Haaga

ASUO reporter Tran Nguyen sits down with newly inducted ASUO President Quinn Haaga to talk about her background, her experience with ASUO and what she has in plan for the ASUO’s future.

McKenzie River
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Video: Day Trip! – Waters of the McKenzie

Get in touch with the waters of the McKenzie River. See waterfalls, the bottom of an exceptionally clear lake, and some of the river’s inhabitants. While relatively pristine, this river (like many places in Oregon) is threatened from development along sensitive habitat, being trashed by visitors, and from infrastructure projects …

This is your Gaming Week In Review.
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Podcast: Gaming Week in Review – Console leaks and PAC 12 recognizing eSports

In this week’s Gaming Week in Review Podcast, Christopher Berg and Mathew Brock discuss recent leaks concerning Microsoft’s plans for the new Xbox One model. They also share their thoughts on the possibility of PAC 12 including eSports in the future.


Video: Portland Fashion Challenge

Can you get a whole new wardrobe in Portland for under $100? We find out!

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Ducks Taste Test Beyonce’s Lemonade

In Beyoncé’s video accompaniment to her album Lemonade, she outlines various emotions through song and through prose. She implies that her grandmother’s lemonade is a source of healing, emphasizing the metaphor that although someone may receive lemons, they can make sweet lemonade with them. We made the lemonade recipe Beyonce recited …