Join the 2016-2017 Emerald staff

Come work for America’s best college media company. We’re looking for students with a strong work ethic, a desire to learn and the drive to be the best. If you’re short on experience, don’t worry. We’re looking for students with passion and commitment, not a perfectly polished résumé.

If you fit that description, we want to hear more.

As of Sept. 19, we have openings for:

  • News reporters. The foot soldiers of the Emerald army. Relentless, informed and often in a meeting. News breaks and they fix it. News reporters:
    • Write regular anchor stories.
    • Work on large-scale reporting projects.
    • Collaborate frequently with other reporters and desks.
  • Arts & Culture reporters. A&C reporters cover movies, music, TV, books, events and all things culture. In-depth coverage of everything happening around campus that a college student might do on the weekend. Makes for a great excuse to see more concerts. A&C reporters:
    • Write regular features.
    • Provide subjective commentary on the arts in the form of reviews and event coverage.
    • Collaborate frequently with other writers.
    • Work with multimedia desks to create vibrant visual content.
    • Tell fellow students what to do on Friday and Saturday.
  • Opinion Columnists. Columnists help provide the pages of the Emerald with a personality. They write once weekly about their perspective on a subject of their choosing. Having constant and passionate opinions is required. Beyond that, columnists be able to:
    • Pitch three column ideas per week.
    • Meet a consistent deadline and word count with researched columns.
    • Read the campus climate and represent the Emerald with a well-supported perspective on current issues.
    • Put up with angry emails.
  • Copy editors. Copy editors need to have a deep knowledge of grammar and AP style. Copy editors will also:
    • Edit breaking news stories as available; flexibility is a key consideration in this position
    • Edit all online news content as scheduled
    • Be available as needed for print production news editing
  • Videographers. Videographers are responsible for shooting and editing original videos on student life in UO and culture in Eugene. Videos range from interviews, Q&A’s, event/news recaps and investigations. Videographers must:
    • Create 8 to 10 videos per term.
    • Show a video portfolio which demonstrates their familiarity with shooting and editing software.
  • Designers. Designers collaborate to turn text into eye candy and headlines into verbal gold. They carefully craft the newspaper twice weekly and work with the web development team to create visual storytelling elements online. Everyone else finds the news, the designers make it look good. Designers need to:
    • Be familiar with: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • If unfamiliar with the above programs, be willing to learn and implement through rigorous training.
  • Illustrators. Illustrators sketch and create visual representations for stories. Content can vary in subject from caricatures of Morgan Freeman to interactive digital maps of crime on campus, and vary in size from an embellishment in a corner to a full-scale front cover. Illustrators must:
    • Be creative in visual interpretations of stories. Whether the words are dry or colorful, the illustration should attract a reader.
    • Often alternate between working remotely (receiving direction via email and phone) and working in the office (collaborating in person with reporters and editors).
    • Have a strict adherence to deadlines, be able to work well under time pressure.

If you know which of the above positions you’d like to apply for, send us a 300-word cover letter, a resume and up to four work samples at [email protected] Make sure you include which position you’re applying for in the cover letter.

If you have further questions, feel free to send questions to the Editor in Chief, Cooper Green, at [email protected].

About the Emerald

The Emerald has served the University of Oregon with news and information since 1900. Our mission is to train students, serve the UO community and run a financially sustainable nonprofit business.

The Emerald produces a news magazine twice a week and online news 24/7. In 2013, the Emerald’s Revolution transitioned the company from a traditional newspaper to a modern college media company. College Media Matters, the leading college newspaper blog, named the Emerald the 2012-13 college newspaper of the year.