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1222 E. 13th Ave., #300
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Editor in Chief  541.346.5511 x325

Dahlia Bazzaz, dahlia@dailyemerald.com

President 541.346.5511 x317
Charlie Weaver, cweaver@dailyemerald.com

How to get your news out

You can reach us by phone at 541.346.5511 x320.To submit news releases for both news and entertainment, email news@dailyemerald.com.

We accept letters to the editor less than 500 words, and guest viewpoints of 750 words or less. We reserve the right to edit them in any way we see fit. Send them to letters@dailyemerald.com.

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Sales & Marketing 541.346.5511
x303, Rob Reilly ads@dailyemerald.com

Advertising representatives

Nicole Adkisson
Ben Gilberts
Nick Catania
Tyler Horst
Estuardo Perez

Creative Services
Tara Sloan,  x330
Business 541.346.5511
Kathy Carbone, VP, Operations x302, kcarbone@dailyemerald.com
Delivery staff – Abel Cerros, Amiel Farfan, Brynn Powell, Patrick Andrews, Tyler Arana, Tim Mansell, Thomas Powers, Judy Holtz, Lillian Weaver, Stacy Yurishcheva, John Yuzon, Kyle Ludwig, Lucas Flores, Thomas Witt