Oregon Ducks defensive lineman Tui Talia (55) tackles an Arizona State player in the backfield. The unranked Oregon Ducks head south to take on the Arizona St. in Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona on Oct. 29, 2015. (Adam Eberhardt/Emerald)

Why Arizona State will beat Oregon

**Editor’s Note: Each week during football season, we feature a column from the opponent’s student newspaper on why Oregon will lose. This week’s edition is from Matthew Tonis of the The State Press at Arizona State University.** On November 29, 2015, the ASU football team was a blown offside call and questionable overtime touchdown away from likely finishing …



The typical image of a "Hispanic" in the U.S. Many people in our society are generalized as Hispanic when, in reality, the individuals being grouped together are very diverse. (Illistration by Anastasia Yurishcheva

Robles: Latinos Americanos

Being Latina means nearly everything — it’s my identity. I adore, embrace and am not afraid to flaunt my heritage. I have grown up being told to have pride in where I come from and, similarly, others of my heritage could say the same. Although I have living relatives who were …