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This image was printed out hundreds of times on four UO printers earlier this month as a result of a hacking. Photo uploaded from Twitter feed of hacker "Le Pink." (@evilbypink)

UO was a target of a bizarre printer hacking earlier this month

On July 15, four printers around the University of Oregon were hacked. For several minutes, they could do nothing but print ink-heavy images featuring the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahada. The same day, a hacker who identified themselves as “Le Pink,” took responsibility for the attack on Twitter: Another …



Screenshot from Super Mario Bros (Creative Commons).
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Why you should be excited for Summer Games Done Quick

Games are exclusive in the world of art. They’re the only medium of expression that is meaningfully interactive with the audience. Millions of people have played Super Mario World, yet no two people have ever played it in exactly the same way. Some people miss a jump here, get hit by …



Incoming graduate transfer quarterback Vernon Adams sticks around after practice while on his visit. (Taylor Wilder/Emerald)

Duck Season: Experience favors Vernon Adams in quarterback competition

**Editor’s Note: This story first appeared in the Emerald’s Duck Season magazine, a preview of the Oregon football team’s upcoming season that is currently available for free at all Duck Store locations in Eugene. We will post each story in the days leading up to the first day of fall …



(Creative Commons)

Dalton: Facebook guide for parents

Facebook was originally created for college students, but parents have invaded. Most millennials have migrated to Twitter or Instagram; Facebook is for business purposes only. But for the generation born thirty years prior to us, Facebook is poppin’ off. The excess of middle-aged adults may be the real reason our …


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