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Podcast: Weekly news wrap-up: Trump takes action on Juliana v. United States, and student Duck Store shoplifting

In this episode from the Emerald Podcast Network, news editor Max Thornberry and senior news reporter Andy Field discuss this week’s biggest stories: the Trump administration’s calls to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a decision to move Juliana v. United to federal trial; there’ve been 15 cases of students shoplifting from the Duck Store this term and more.

This episode was produced by Emerson Malone.

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Andrew Field

Andrew Field

Hey there! You can call me Andy. I work the city politics beat. If you got a tip for me on an issue you feel I should be covering, don't hesitate to leave an email!

I like listening to hip-hop, watching English Premier League soccer, jamming on the guitar with my friends and eating ice cream.