Dogs banned from downtown Eugene

Starting in April, walking your dog through downtown Eugene will be illegal, with some exceptions.

Eugene City council passed an ordinance today banning dogs — except service dogs, dogs of residences who live and work in the downtown area and police dogs — in downtown as part of the city council’s effort to make downtown a safer area.

The city council discussed the code as means to “displacing downtown loiterers, who are frequently accompanied by dogs,” according to a Register-Guard article today.

The ordinance document referenced an incident last summer when a dog attacked a Eugene public library employee and the employee’s dog. The victim’s dog died after the attack, and the victim sustained injuries.

The Register-Guard reported that the fine will be up to $250.

This ban is similar to a dog ban on 13th Ave. near the University of Oregon, which has been in effect since 1996, according to the Register-Guard.

The area of banned dogs is between Lincoln Street., W 8th ave., Pearl Street. and E 11th Ave.

Downtown core of Eugene where dogs are will be banned. (Courtesy of City of Eugene)




Will Campbell

Will Campbell

Will Campbell is an associate news editor at the Emerald. He wakes up early to watch soccer.