Ducks, Inc.: Chip Kelly’s lawn vandalized

UPDATE: It is unclear when the tire tracks were made on Chip Kelly’s lawn. Register-Guard columnist Bob Welch wrote today that “some jerk did drive across Kelly’s lawn in Act II of Chip’s going-or-staying drama, in his post-Fiesta Bowl flirtation with the NFL.”


Chip Kelly has officially departed the University of Oregon for a shot at the big leagues in Philadelphia.

And apparently some local Duck fan is none too pleased with his choice and decided to make a statement by driving across the lawn of his $1.1 million home in North Eugene.

The damage — although clearly visible — seems to be minor. The criminal mastermind responsible behind the act is surely glad their message has been sent, but if a good lawn ruining won’t keep Chip in Eugene then I don’t know what will.





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Sam Stites

Sam Stites