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Fashion: Hats a perfect winter accessory for everyone

There are few things worse than the aching sting of frozen ears. Not only will an adequate winter headgear ward off the damp chill, but it can also boost your wardrobe. Here are some hat varieties that will keep you both cozy and cute over the winter months:


Beanies are a wintertime classic. Unisex and in an endless variety of patterns and colors, there’s a beanie on the market for everyone. Not only will they keep your head warm, but they’re great for expressing individual fashion sense when bundled up in layers of drab raincoat.

Trapper Hats

On days when warmth is top priority, there’s nothing better suited to preserving head warmth than a trapper hat. The faux fur makes anyone look like a mountain native — but what better place than Oregon to look like you took part in the Lewis and Clark expedition?


Don’t be fooled by the name. Berets come in all shapes and sizes. The knit types prevalent in current women’s fashion look a lot less like the pancake that we typically picture perched on the heads of the French, and more like a slouchy, knit beanie. Although they won’t keep your head too warm, berets still make for a cute winter fashion accessory.

Cloche hats

These bell-shaped hats that were popular in the 1920s are slowly creeping back into women’s fashion. The rigid structure of this hat makes it perfect for a formal winter outfit, and because the bell is long enough to cover the ears it will keep you warm too.

Ivy Cap with Ear Flaps

The classic ivy, or pageboy cap, is a fancy form of men’s winter headgear. Although the shape is uniform, these caps come in any material from suede to faux leather and come in a variety of patterns to suit individual style. If you’re looking to stay warm this winter, try the variety with hanging ear flaps.


Sami Edge

Sami Edge

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