Willamette Week: How Chip Kelly’s focus on football ruffles boosters’ feathers

On Wednesday, Willamette Week published an in-depth look at Chip Kelly’s career at Oregon, both as a coach on the field and as an invaluable money generator off it.

UO alum John Locanthi spoke to boosters, former coaches and players and members of the media to paint a portrait of a coach whose sole focus is football — not that that will come as much of a surprise to Duck fans.

What may come as a surprise is that Oregon boosters are none too pleased with the innovative coach. They say he has neglected the fundraising and glad-handing duties that an Oregon head coach is traditionally expected to perform, and go so far as to say they “hope he does leave (for the NFL) so we can get somebody who appreciates the fans.”

Kelly’s former players, though, are quick to lavish praise on the coach. Justin Fossbender, a wide receiver under Kelly during his early days at Columbia University, says, “Whatever he was doing, he dropped it if you needed him.” Former Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon expressed similar sentiments.

The article makes one thing very clear: Kelly’s unconventional approach to football has made him the most talked about coach in the country. Most expect him to depart for the NFL after this season; who knew that so many people can’t wait to see him leave?

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McKenna Brown

McKenna Brown